Behind the Scenes with Jody Houser, Star Trek: Year Five Writer brings us another video from IDW, in their series of behind-the-scenes interviews with the writers of Star Trek: Year Five. The second issue of the monthly series recently landed on shelves, and this time, the interview was with writer Jody Houser, to discuss her role in bringing the series to life.

When asked about her connection to Star Trek, Houser revealed that both of her grandmothers were Star Trek fans, and in fact, her maternal grandmother knew Leonard Nimoy when they were children in Boston. She said that when she’d watch reruns of The Original Series as a child, they’d say, “Oh, that’s grandma’s old friend!”

In the interview, Houser also discussed her favorite Star Trek episode (it was “The Trouble with Tribbles”) and what she thought of getting the chance to go through the CBS archives (in her words: it was “really cool”). When asked what fans can expect from the Year Five series, Houser said, “Um, I think we’ll see some cool familiar faces you might not expect.”

Jody Houser’s take on Star Trek: Year Five comes out in August, with issue #5.

Alison Pitt