IDW’s Star Trek: Year Five Writers’ Room Behind-The-Scenes

IDW Comics assembled a writers’ room for the new comic series Star Trek: Year Five, and last week they released an interview with one of the series writers, Brandon Easton. brought us the story that writer Brandon Easton appeared in the behind-the-scenes video, talking about his experiences in the writers’ room. The video explains that “On February 8th, IDW assembled a Writer’s Room at the Star Trek Archive to plot out the epic journey home for the USS Enterprise, as chronicled in the [then-]upcoming Star Trek: Year Five comic book series.”

In the video, Easton explained that the experience was unprecedented, and that he’d never worked on creating a graphic novel in a writers’ room. When asked what he hopes to show readers with the Year Five series, he explained that he wanted to get readers to understand how the crew of The Original Series got from where we left them, to where they were at the start of Star Trek: The Motion Picture. He said, “You’re gonna get a lot of gaps filled in.”

At the end of the interview, Easton was asked what Star Trek means to him, and he said, poignantly, “At first, Star Trek for me was a great way to bond with my grandfather. But as I grew up and started to understand what it was actually saying, it transformed my way of thinking about storytelling, and thinking about how you could affect change with humanity by telling stories about our future. And I think that led to my love of science fiction.”

Star Trek: Year Five issues 1 and 2 are available in bookstores now, with issue #3 due out later this month.

Alison Pitt