Marina Sirtis: “A Star Trek Fan Does Not Equal a Republican”

Outspoken Star Trek: The Next Generation actor Marina Sirtis has made her opinion very clear as to what she thinks of conservative politics, in a new interview with the UK’s The Big Issue magazine.

Sirtis is in the UK while she’s performing in the new play Dark Sublime, showing in London’s West End this summer. She plays Marianne, an aging science-fiction actress. She spoke to The Big Issue about her role and its parallels to real life - and the conversation meandered into politics, about which Sirtis is vocal on social media.

The Big Issue asked, “Surely Star Trek fans are opposed to [President Donald] Trump’s brand of politics?” to which Sirtis replied, “You feel like saying, did you watch the show? Because you are saying the exact opposite of what the show represents. It’s an oxymoron – a Star Trek fan does not equal a Republican, it doesn’t. The people who I hear from on social media, I don’t get how they can be huge fans of the show and my character and think the way that they do.”

She went on to say that she is “baffled” by the Brexit vote in the UK. “You know what, as bad as it is [in the US] it’s not going to be as bad as Brexit. Trump is going to be gone in two years hopefully. [...] Six years tops is all we’re going to get. But Brexit is forever. I don’t know what got into us with that vote.” Sirtis is a dual citizen in the US and UK.

Later in the interview, Sirtis turned to what made Star Trek: The Next Generation successful. Among other things, she credits the cast. And when asked whether she meets up with them at conventions, she explained: “We were an anomaly. We loved each other. And we’re all still best friends. One of the reasons we love conventions is that we all get to hang out with each other. [...] We have a drink, a laugh, and a good time.”

Marina Sirtis is appearing in Dark Sublime at Trafalgar Studios in London’s West End, June 25th through August 3rd.

Alison Pitt