McKenzie Westmore Shares Behind-the-Scenes Video from Star Trek: Picard

McKenzie Westmore on Instagram

McKenzie Westmore on Instagram

Actor McKenzie Westmore has revealed that she will have a part to play in the upcoming series Star Trek: Picard.

On Instagram this weekend, Westmore posted a video showing her head being cast for a prosthetic. In the time-lapse video, you can see her hair being pulled back and covered, and her head, face and neck being cast. The caption for the video reads: “So excited to announce that I took part in the new Star Trek! [...] I can’t express enough how great it was to be part of the Star Trek family again with @sirpatstew even if just a moment.”

Westmore is the daughter of former Star Trek makeup artist Michael Westmore, the artist behind such creature designs as the Ferengi and the Borg. McKenzie Westmore has made a name for herself as an actor, most notably in her role of Sheridan Crane on the soap opera Passions. She has also appeared in Star Trek three times before: once uncredited in the TNG episode “When the Bough Breaks”, once as a Ba’ku woman in Star Trek: Insurrection, and once as Ensign Jenkins in the Star Trek: Voyager episode “Warhead”. She’s currently the host of the Syfy reality game show Face Off, which pits prosthetic makeup artists against each other to create the best original looks.

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