New Star Trek: The Next Generation Comic “Terra Incognita” Released

Just in time for Free Comic Book Day - mark your calendars kids! - yet another Star Trek comic has landed in stores.

TrekToday brings us word that the new Star Trek: The Next Generation comic “Terra Incognita” is out today. The IDW comic is the first in a brand-new Next Gen series, featuring new stories from the Enterprise D that follow on from the previous “Mirror Broken” and “Through The Mirror”. From the blurb: “Following their clash with their villainous doubles from the Mirror Universe, the Enterprise crew returns to business as usual, little realizing the serpent in their midst – one of their own has been replaced! Six stories focusing on fan-favorite crew members of the Enterprise-D-including Deanna Troi, Wesley Crusher, and Selar – each connected by the machinations of this sinister doppelganger. What does Mirror Barclay want, and what’s to become of his Prime-universe counterpart?!”

The new comic will feature writers Scott and David Tipton, art by Tony Shasteen, Angel Hernandez and Carlos Nieto, and cover art by veteran Star Trek comic artist JK Woodward.

Alison Pitt