Why Was a Giant Enterprise Left for Sale on a Toronto-Area Front Yard?

If you were on the internet at all last week - and let’s be honest, you were - you may have seen a picture of a rather large Enterprise A, leaning against a tree in someone’s front yard, with a “For Sale” sign on it.

Toronto Life brings us the story of how exactly the ship came to rest in that particular dry dock, and where it ended up.

The ship itself was a scale replica of the Enterprise A as it appeared in the film Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country. It was a promotional decoration that hung in the Cineplex SilverCity Richmond Hill movie theater near Toronto. The theater was renovated late last year and the ship was rescued from destruction by a subcontractor. He removed it safely, and strapped it to a trailer, where it sat at his home. Eventually he needed the trailer, and decided to put the ship up for sale.

The ship was snapped up by a local buyer not long after, for the princely sum of $600. Bill Doern, the lucky new owner, is hoping to restore it and put it on display. He says: “I’d like it to be accessible for people to see it and get close to it.”

Alison Pitt