Star Trek Online Teams Up with Star Trek Adventures for an RPG Campaign Writing Contest

Star Trek Online + Star Trek Adventures

Star Trek Online + Star Trek Adventures

Are you a Star Trek Online player pining for the loss of its user-generated content area, The Foundry? Are you a tabletop gamer lamenting that you have no adventures to play in the Star Trek Online era? Are you a budding Star Trek writer longing for the days of Star Trek’s open submission policy? Then get ready, because all your dreams may be about to come true.

Star Trek Online announced yesterday that it’s teamed up with Modiphius, the makers of the tabletop RPG Star Trek Adventures, for a Design an Adventure Challenge! From the announcement: “We want you to write a maximum of four page adventure that can be run inside the ruleset of Star Trek Adventures by Modiphius. The only requirement is that it takes place in 2410, in the era of Star Trek Online. We’ll have a staff of talented game designers review your entries, and choose five winners out of the bunch – and the crew of the U.S.S. Pathfinder will play the winning adventure in a future [Star Trek Online] live stream!” The announcement also says that entrants could win an Alpha Quadrant Sourcebook PDF from Star Trek Adventures, and a Tier 6 Defiant starship in the PC version of Star Trek Online. 

Four pages isn’t long for a whole Star Trek story, so prospective storytellers will have to get creative. The deadline for submissions is Monday, September 16th, so don’t waste a nanosecond. For more information on how to enter, visit

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