The Hageman Brothers Give First Details of New Star Trek Animated Series for Nickelodeon

The latest addition to the Star Trek lineup of shows is the new as-yet-untitled animated series for Nickelodeon. That show is being written by veteran writers Kevin and Dan Hageman.

Entertainment website The HD Room published an interview yesterday with the Hageman brothers about their careers, and their future with Star Trek.

The Hageman brothers are best known for their work on the LEGO Ninjago series and The LEGO Movie. They also wrote the Guillermo del Toro series Trollhunters for Netflix, which Star Trek fans might remember, starred the late Anton Yelchin. In the HD Room interview, they revealed how they joined the new Star Trek project, and some of what fans can expect.

When asked if they pursued the project themselves, they said: “[CBS] pursued us, and we’re glad they did, because it’s quickly turning into our favorite project.”

When asked about the age range they’re targeting with the new show, they answered: “Our aim for all of our projects is that this is a show that the whole family can enjoy.”

And when asked about their open interaction with fans on social media, for which they’re known, they said: “We love interacting with fans. Star Trek is a little more of a guarded IP, so we’ll have to police ourselves more.”

The Hageman brothers’ next outing, Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark, is due out later this year, and at some nebulous point in the future after that will arrive their take on animated Star Trek.

Alison Pitt