William Shatner and Jeri Ryan in New Devil’s Revenge

A new trailer came out yesterday for the upcoming thriller Devil’s Revenge, starring Star Trek alumni William Shatner and Jeri Ryan.

Produced by Cleopatra Entertainment, the film’s synopsis reads, “A down-on-his-luck archaeologist returns from a cave expedition that contains a cursed relic that’s also a portal to Hell. He discovers that the only way to stop the curse on his family is to go back to the cave and destroy the relic.”

Shatner’s and Ryan’s characters are not yet named, but feature prominently in the trailer. Ryan appears to be the wife of the main character, played by Jason Brooks. The film was written by Maurice Hurley, who was a producer and writer for Star Trek: The Next Generation.

Also featured in the film are actors Ciara Hanna (formerly of Power Rangers) and Jackie Dallas (formerly of Stranger Things), and the film is directed by Jared Cohn.

Devil’s Revenge is due out on October 1st, on video-on-demand.

This article was written for the podcast Daily Star Trek News.

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