William Shatner Appears in Ad Promoting The Pit from Blockchain.com

William Shatner has appeared in a new ad for cryptocurrency exchange The Pit.

TheDrum.com, a marketing industry website, shared a new video showing Shatner’s appearance as a bank robber, getting schooled by the teller and patrons of the bank he’s robbing. When he and his accomplice (complete with fake guns) demand the teller put cash in his bag, she calmly tells him that he would be better off growing his portfolio through The Pit.

The Pit is a cryptocurrency exchange powered by Blockchain.com that claims to be the world’s fastest crypto exchange. Currently in beta, The Pit claims powerful reporting, 24/7 support, and best-in-class security. And apparently, a pretty big marketing budget.

William Shatner is no stranger to blockchain and cryptocurrency. He is already a partner in the Mattereum-based Third Millenia, which aims to use blockchain to secure provenance of physical memorabilia.

The ad campaign for The Pit is doing double-duty for Blockchain.com. Their Head of Growth, Haider Rafique, said in a statement: “After years of turbulence and hype, euphoria, and disillusionment, we’re at a stage where real-world applications of cryptocurrencies are having tangible impacts around the world. Campaigns that drive education, awareness, and that first purchase of crypto are vital to keeping this momentum moving forward and growing the community of crypto users.”

You can view the ad for The Pit, powered by Blockchain.com, for yourself on YouTube.

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