Wines that Rock Reveals What’s Next for Star Trek Wines After Chateau Picard

Chateau Picard Bordeaux

Chateau Picard Bordeaux

Shortly after San Diego Comic Con, we learned that Chateau Picard wines were going to be a real thing. Sadly, most of us never got to taste the first batch, which sold out at Star Trek Las Vegas almost immediately.

But this weekend, published an interview with Spencer Brewer from the bottler, Wines that Rock, where he talked about the previously announced wines, when we might see more of them, and what’s next after Chateau Picard.

Brewer (no pun intended) revealed that both Chateau Picard and the UFP wine will be coming back. He said, “We’re coming out with the second release of both bottles. People can go online to our Star Trek Wines website, and both products will be coming back into the country in a couple of months. We’ll be shipping the second version in the fourth quarter of this year.”

While the original run of bottles was sold exclusively in a two-pack with one of each, they’ll be adding another option to the second run. Brewer said, “We have this wooden etched box that holds six of the bottles from Château Picard that is made there in France. That will be a special collector’s edition package.”

Next, attention turned to the future plans for Star Trek-themed wines from Wines that Rock. First, Brewer talked about Klingon bloodwine and the difficulty of finding just the right bottle. “We would need to work really hard on finding an amazing bottle,” he said, “because the original one was a silver oil can. We’re going to have to come up with a bottle that Klingons would really want. We’ve already picked the wine; we know where it’s from and what it’s going to be. All I can say is that it’s an amazing wine.”

Brewer also wants to tackle Cardassian Kanar but noted that the bottles for that were even more difficult to find. He said, “We did research on this for six months so we know where the factories were, who made them, which variations were on each series because it was shown two or three times. [...] We’ve found three factories that will make them, but we have to make 20,000 bottles for them to start the process. That is extremely expensive, so we have to make sure it’s the real deal before we go further.”

The second version of Chateau Picard Bordeaux and the UFP Old Vine Zinfandel are now available to pre-order on the Star Trek Wines website. The Chateau Picard retails for $60, and the UFP for $50. Orders are expected to ship before the end of 2019.

This article was written for the podcast Daily Star Trek News.

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