Zoe Saldana on Anton Yelchin, in Love Antosha

One of the stars of Star Trek (2009) was, of course, Anton Yelchin, who we lost just before the release of Star Trek: Beyond in 2016, to a freak car accident.

Entertainment Weekly brings us an exclusive first look at some of the footage from the upcoming documentary, Love, Antosha, which looks back on Yelchin’s life. In the clip, actor Zoe Saldana reminisces on working with Yelchin on set. She said: “He was so aware about the importance of Star Trek and the message that Star Trek had. He understood why it managed to live for such a long time, and he was nervous about being a part of it and giving it that justice.”

Director Garret Price also told EW that it wasn’t hard to get A-list actors to appear in the documentary. He said: “Everybody wanted to be a part of this. All people wanted to do was talk about Anton.”

Love, Antosha is due in theaters this summer.

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