Ethan Peck Would Love to Return as Spock

Last week, I brought you news that Anson Mount would be open to reprising his role of Captain Pike, if it came up. And this week, apparently Ethan Peck - Star Trek: Discovery’s Spock - would do the same!

TV Guide interviewed Ethan Peck last week as part of their Season 2 wrap-up for Discovery, and they noted that the way the episode ended, the door would potentially be open for Pike and Spock to return if the opportunity presented itself.

They quoted Peck as saying: “I would like to come back, because being a part of Star Trek is like magic. It's funny, I think Star Trek is so divisive amongst people in the world that are like, "Never seen it, not interested." And those that do see it are very attached and find themselves very connected with it. To be a part of something like that is just really special. Now I feel like I've done a lot of the groundwork and Spock is very much a part of me. I'm the same but different having finished it. So would I like to continue? Yeah. I think it would be great."

There are no current plans for a Pike/Spock spinoff, although it’s clear that fans would love it, and that it’s entered Executive Producer Alex Kurtzman’s mind; over 25,000 fans have signed an online petition asking CBS for a Pike/Spock show, and Kurtzman has been quoted: “The fans have been heard. Anything is possible in the world of Trek.”

Star Trek: Discovery season 2 is streaming now on CBS All Access in the US, and other networks around the globe.

Alison Pitt