Game Developers Messy Desk Interactive Create VR Ship from The Orville

If you ever wanted to take a virtual-reality tour of a well-known television starship, then now’s your chance. No, it’s not the USS Enterprise, or even the USS’s the USS Orville, the Union Exploratory-Class Vessel from the Fox show of the same name. brought us the news last week that UK-based game developers Messy Desk Interactive had completed their VR walkthrough of the Orville, and the video is available to watch on YouTube. Quoting the piece: “The Orville Interactive Fan Experience is a labor of love which includes – quite thoughtfully – a message to the creators congratulating them on their renewal for a third season.”

The creators of The Orville seem to have been pleased with final product; The Orville creator Seth MacFarlane tweeted his support, saying “Goddamn we love our fans.” The support from MacFarlane will be good news to Messy Desk Interactive, whose ambitious Star Trek-themed project Stage 9 was shut down by CBS last year.

The walkthrough is available to watch on YouTube, and developers Messy Desk Interactive have plans to release a The Orville fan game in the future.

Alison Pitt