Doug Jones Discusses Where “Supermodel” Saru Got His Swagger

Doug Jones took some of his physicality for Saru from supermodels.

In a video posted by last week, Doug Jones talks about his character - Saru from Star Trek: Discovery - and how he created his signature swagger. For Jones, it was all about the boots. He related how when he first saw what he called “these delicious boots”, he knew that there was going to be a uniqueness to Saru’s walk. With no heel underneath the “hoof boot” design, it would naturally push his hips forward for balance, with his arms draped behind. Jones said, “That’s how [Saru] walks like a supermodel.”

The rest of Saru’s physicality came from his personality, which Jones said was partially modelled off of the the butler Mr. Carson from Downton Abbey. He went on to describe further how the loss of Saru’s threat ganglia led him to change from being fearful to being more confrontational.

Jones also hinted late in the video that there may be costume design changes coming and that costume designer Gersha Phillips would have a challenge.

Doug Jones gave the short video interview while visiting the Star Trek: Discovery: Fight for the Future exhibit at the Paley Center for Media in Beverly Hills, California. The exhibit is free to the public and open now through July 7th.

Alison Pitt