James Darren Reflects on His Time as Vic Fontaine

Veteran entertainer James Darren is better known to Star Trek: Deep Space Nine fans as the holographic crooner Vic Fontaine. StarTrek.com this week brings us an exclusive interview with the actor as he reminisces about his time on DS9.

According to Darren, he didn’t initially want to play the character of Vic Fontaine. As himself, Darren has released numerous albums as a successful singer, so he thought playing a singer was a bit “on the nose.” It was his agent who finally said, “Why don’t you at least read the script? If you read the script you may love it.” Darren did read the script, and of his decision to ultimately take the role, he said: “Of course, I did read the script and, of course, I did love it. It was just a great role. Vic Fontaine was like – what can I say? – it was a dream come true for me. It was one of the most enjoyable roles for me to have played.”

When asked about his favorite episodes on Deep Space Nine, he said: “‘His Way’ and ‘It’s Only a Paper Moon’ are my two favorites, for sure. Actually, let me add in the finale as a favorite, too. That was great, man. The finale was hard to do. The cast had been there forever, so it was hard for them, and it was hard for me, too, because my relationship with everyone had grown instantly. I loved that entire cast.”

These days, James Darren can be seen touring in locations across the United States, and he is planning to appear at Star Trek Las Vegas, in August of this year.

Alison Pitt