Lower Decks Kicks off Production with Table Read

I hope you enjoy your “tea, Earl Grey, hot” with a side of pickle…

TrekMovie today brings us the news that Mike McMahan, Rick and Morty producer and developer of the upcoming Star Trek animated series Lower Decks, tweeted that early production has started on the series, in the form of a table read. McMahan’s tweet read: “ST:LD ep 101 table read today. I got here a little early.” The tweet was accompanied by a photo of an empty room filled with chairs, but no further details.

Quoting the TrekMovie piece: “This is a significant milestone for Star Trek: Lower Decks and indicates that the premise for the show has been locked down and at least the first script has been written. More significantly, it implies that the show has been cast with voice actors. To date, there have been no announcements or revelations about a cast for the show, but that’s fairly typical for an animated series.”

Lower Decks is said to be a half-hour comedy, focused on the support crew of “one of Starfleet’s least important ships”.

TrekMovie also goes on to note that they have spoken to Alex Kurtzman before on a timeline for Lower Decks and the other animated show in the works, a kids’ show headed for Nickelodeon. He said, back in March of this year: “the animation takes about a year to turn around, it’s a very long process. The shows are moving forward now, and have series orders and we will drop them when they are ready, but I would say 2021 or ’22.”

Alison Pitt