David Mack Joins Star Trek: Lower Decks - and Another Secret Show - as Consultant

David Mack on Twitter

David Mack on Twitter

A favorite Star Trek author has joined the writing team for Lower Decks.

David Mack, prolific Star Trek novelist and author of the recent Star Trek: Discovery novel Desperate Hours, announced on Twitter yesterday that he will be joining Star Trek: Lower Decks as a consultant. Star Trek: Lower Decks is the currently-in-production adult animated series from Rick and Morty writer Mike McMahan.

Mack’s tweet read, “Now it can be told (because my agent secured me permission from the production company): I am excited to be working as a consultant on two new Star Trek animated TV series — Lower Decks, and another whose details remain classified. And that's all I can say about that. #DreamJob”

Presumably the other animated series he’s referring to is the new Nickelodeon series by The Hageman Brothers...or is it? As Mack noted, the “details remain classified”.

Star Trek: Lower Decks is due to come to San Diego Comic Con next week as part of Star Trek’s big Hall H panel, so listen in for more details then.

Alison Pitt