Star Trek Short Treks Schedule Announced

Star Trek Short Treks  schedule 2019-20

Star Trek Short Treks schedule 2019-20

We now know the full release schedule for this year’s Star Trek Short Treks, which will take fans through the winter and right up to the release of Star Trek: Picard, in January 2020.

On Saturday, CBS announced on Twitter the lineup of the six shorts, including dates and titles. The first installment, “Q&A” is available to stream on CBS All Access now. The next episode, called “The Trouble With Edward” will be available on October 10th. That will be followed by “Ask Not” on November 14th, “The Girl Who Made the Stars” and “Ephraim and Dot” on December 12th, and finally “Children of Mars” on January 9th of next year.

We don’t know much about the content of the upcoming Short Treks, but Star Trek boss Alex Kurtzman has said that that three of them (including “Q&A”) will feature Pike, Spock and Number One, two of them will be animated shorts not related to the two animated series in production, and the final one, “Children of Mars”, will be a Picard prequel. Kurtzman explained back in July, “It will give you a sense of some background that happened to Jean-Luc, 15 years before we enter into the series. So everything connects.”

Star Trek Short Treks will be available to stream exclusively on CBS All Access in the United States. It’s not clear whether and when they will be available to stream internationally.

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