The Star Trek Crew as Cat Statues

This story is of particular interest to me, since I fall squarely in the middle of the Venn diagram that has Star Trek fans in one circle and cat lovers in the other. today has word of a new collection of figurines from The Bradford Exchange. The new collection, officially titled (believe or not), The Star Trek Space Cat Crusaders Figurine Collection - features cats, dressed as your favorite characters from Star Trek The Original Series.

The Bradford Exchange catalog is quoted:  “Your collection begins with Issue One, Cat-tain Kirk. Next to arrive will be Issue Two, Mist-purr Spock. Soon your collection will continue with Issue Three, Lieutenant Uh-purr-a.” Again, these are the actual names.

Not being funny, I had a look at the catalogue for these figurines and if you can get past the ludicrousness of an orange tabby cat dressed as Captain Kirk, standing with tail erect and paw suggestively resting on a communicator...they actually look like pretty good quality pieces. And as the piece from Superherohype notes: “Cats actually have a lot in common with Star Trek captains. They’re impulsive yet contemplative, cute yet dangerous, and if you don’t get them fixed, they’ll rub up against anything that moves. And they probably love phasers as much as real cats like lasers.”

The Star Trek Space Cat Crusaders Figurine Collection is available for $39.99 each plus $8.99 shipping and handling, and yes, it’s a subscription.

Alison Pitt