William Shatner Announced as SoClean CPAP Cleaner Spokesman

William Shatner, like an estimated 1 billion other people worldwide, suffers from sleep apnea. And last week, SoClean, the creator of the world’s first automated CPAP cleaner and sanitizer, announced that Shatner will serve as an ambassador and spokesperson for the device.

In a press release dated June 3rd, Dean Marcarelli, the Chief Marketing Officer of SoClean said, “When identifying a celebrity spokesperson, it was important to us to partner with someone whose CPAP experience had really improved as a result of the SoClean. Mr. Shatner is an ideal SoClean spokesperson and ambassador because he can speak authentically about his enthusiasm for the SoClean, helping us reach more CPAP users around the world.”

Shatner himself said, “After I was diagnosed with sleep apnea 10 years ago, my CPAP machine changed my life. But I never really understood how important it was to clean it every day to prevent germs and bacteria. That’s why I love my SoClean—it makes it simple to keep the CPAP sanitized.”

Sleep apnea is a condition in which the sufferer can stop breathing while sleeping, sometimes hundreds of times a night, which can lead to high blood pressure, chronic heart failure, stroke, type 2 diabetes and depression, and is sometimes a factor in traffic accidents due to drowsiness. A CPAP, or continuous positive airway pressure machine is a common form of treatment.

The CEO of SoClean, Robert Wilkins said, “As a SoClean ambassador, Mr. Shatner will help bring new awareness to this disorder so that more people can get the help they need and learn how to improve their CPAP experience.”

Alison Pitt